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Machines de production pour l'industrie chimique

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ZS High Efficiency Sifting Machine

This machine is applied for the sorting of the granule size of dry powder materials in the trades of medicine, chemical, and foodstuff etc.

Référence : P48830

LXK Series Rotary-Kneading Granulator

It is a new generation of Rotary-Kneading Granulator, is developed in our company upon the needs in production of tablets. It can work as both granulator and pelleter in features of even granulation

Référence : P48825

ZPY Rotary Press Machine

This set is a one in series, being broadly used to press various round or special-shaped tablets in the industries of pharmacy, food process, chemicals and electronics.

Référence : P48821

Automatic Powder Packaging Machine

The machine is designed and manufactured specially for powdery and super fine powdery products driven by servomotor, the auger is rotating to fill products.

Référence : P48818

Animal's Blood Separator (GFXB105)

Type GFXB105 is one kind of tubular separator. This machine is the improved one on the base of the original separator and through experiment again and again.

Référence : P48814

Fast Granulator (LKZ-180)

This set can ideally granulate all the dry granules to make them be even ones and. Also, it can kibble large granules and pills/lumps formed during drying and, too, it can granulate a small batch.

Référence : P48807

Vibrating Screener (SXZ-515)

Model SXZ series delaminated sieve is suitable for flow operation, that is the ideal equipment for sifting out the granules in different size and proportion and for continuous materials-delivering.

Référence : P48806

Rotary Tablet Press Machine (ZP35D)

ZP35D Model Rotary Tablet Press is designed to produce round or irregular shape tablets from various kinds of granular materials, especially for small-scale batch production.

Référence : P48805

Tubular Centrifuge (GQ 105)

Tubular centrifuge GQ 105 is super speed centrifuge which can realise clarification of liquid with very slight solid content.

Référence : P48803

Tubular Centrifuge (GF 105)

Tubular centrifuge type GF 105 is high speed centrifuge which can realise liquid-liquid separation with very slight solid content, such as for blood separation, clarification of oil and so on

Référence : P48800

Vacuum Emulsifier

Vacuum Emulsifier working under the situation of closed recirculation, with stable performance.

Référence : P46113

ceramic ball valve

The all parts of Full-lining Hard-Sealing Ceramic Ball Valve in contacting other medium are made of structure ceramic.

Référence : P44341

bucket tooth,cutting edge

We are one of largest manufacturer of casting in China 1. Our business Scope:casting(mainly),stamping,forgings,fastener and metal machining. 2. OEM and ODM service availa

Référence : P35957

2 / 5
42 Produit(s) restant